Monday, March 23, 2009


Posting for the sake of posting *points to the nagging on the tag board* =3=

Anyway Suntec trip =w=

Went to the arcade and got an assload of sweets thats still rotting in my cupboard somewhere =w= Just for the lulz Tsuki-sama and Aki-hime went to the hotdog place(can remember whats its called..) and dumped all the sweets on the table for pictures. (gives me tooth decay and a heartburn just looking at it =3=) Wouldnt have gotten so many if the machine hadnt been so irritating ly addictive but yeah the results already on the table =w=(although at least we blew relatively little cash =w=) More detailed, non-school affected posts can probably be found on The blogs of the people mentioned above.. so gonna start with the pic spam injected with crappy subtext now :

A whole table full.. (in which i refused my full share of the loot in fear for my health =3=)

Blurry close-upWeird iced lemon tea island picture idea thing...=w= not even sure where the idea came from *cough*notme*cough*


BLURRY star(my dark fingers are rather distinguishable =3=)

Tsuki-sama's hand and a cut-off Aki-hime

Attempt to hide failed =3=(there was one with your face but i decided not to be evil =3=)=w=

Splitting of loot complete Fig 2.0

Fig 2.1

Random shot =w= *loves phone camera*

Something that we laughed over..

Something randomly weird =3=

You get a picture of my curtains and hand cause i have nothing to end off with =3= *stabbed and dragged into corner*

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Directed to Tsuki-sama and Aki-hime XD

You guys were being all sentimental on your own blogs so i thought i'd join in on the posting in bid to at least have something to post XD

Yeeah... I fail at being sentimental so frankly, You guys are so crazy that its fun xD In fact our craziness over the phones can cause people to mistakenly think that we're high on drugs on something.

Yep .. and now my very small attention span is making me end this very short post.

*waves goodbye*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

O levels

Since people are mostly posting their O level results in bid to fill up all this empty space i'm just jumping on the bandwagon(since i dont really advertise this blog anyway [theres dA for that =w=])

Did better then expected so none of my family members are complaining(in fact they were more worried about it than me =w=)


English: A1

SS/Hist: A1

Amath: A1

Emath: A1

Chem: A2

Physics: B3

Chinese: C5 (=w=;;)

So yeah. =w=

Untitled 1

Wonder how long it'll take before this blog dies =w=